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Heidi Beachy
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(づ´─ ロ ─`)づ

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Want to know where I'm at?
Look here! *Needs updating*!

02/06/1993 • 24 • ♒ • INFP • Genderfluid (She works) • Utah,USA

My bestie
:icondragonofeclipse: / :iconeessosis:

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These dorks seem to come to most of my streams and chat it up with me and make the chat a happy lively place!

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[ Me ] Hey, Listen!  Ko.... Fi? by DreamsverseHeya guys~!  If you didn't know, I have a Ko-fi page /o/
I have also set up requests/donation requests there for Pokemans ♥  It's been a while since I drew some Pokemon and I thought it'd be cool that if you wanted, you could send in a donation with a Pokemon name for me to draw \o/
(You can also donate for how I execute the drawing /o/  Two ( 2 ) Coffees for a chibi of the Pokemon or Three ( 3 ) for a drawing of the Pokemon in my normal style/non chibied \o/)  Otherwise if you donate a coffee then I'll get to decide how I want to draw the Pokemon.  You can also send in saying "shiny" or send in a Pokemon I've already drawn. (Also please only give me one Pokemon name at a time.  This is also not for fancharacters/designs either.)

Here's an Example of what a 3 coffee donation gets \o/ (And another example ♥  Thank you for donating super much ; 3 ; <33333 )
[ KoFi ] Munna by FandomKisses [ KoFi ] Flabebe by FandomKisses

Of course, since these are just requests, you can also comment here, or there with a Pokemon you'd like me to draw.  (Donation ones will take Priority, just to let you know ; w ;`)

But I figured it'd give me a valid excuse to get to draw some Pokemon babs and help in the money department.

If you look on there, I HAVE set up a Goal for my Dentist Appointment at the end of the month.  That'd like... help and such if you donated |D;;  If not then it's ok.
You guys just be cool /o/

Gotta Draw them All~!

:star: NEW! :star: 
Hello guys~!
I wanted to add in another fun thing that I've been contemplating on doing through my Ko•fi!
On Toyhouse, there was a thread I had enjoyed joining in.  It was a "Create a Character" thread.  The person above you would comment with a sentence or two (maybe an image or something to help be inspired from) and then you would draw them a character.  Pretty simple~! (That and I really like making characters >u>;b )

I want to follow those same rules, and make you guys characters~!
Just to clarify the rules though:
  • No closed species or not universal species ( Universal species are like dragons, goblins, etc.)  I will not draw/design anything from "open species" creators on dA/FA/etc.  Mainly because 1.) it's not a species I can interpret and work with how I see fit and 2.) I'm getting a donation for it so essentially your paying me and I don't have that permission from these creators to do.  However, you can feel free converting it into a species (with permission from the original creators' of the species or whatever rules they have already).
  • One a few descriptors.  No more than 2 sentences, and an image (of something to draw inspiration from).  You can make your description as little as "angel, punk, hot pink."  Or even just let me go wild with a single word theme!
  • This is NOT somewhere where you describe your own character for me to draw.  Sorry.
  • You get to keep these characters!  However, you may not resell them for more than what you donated for, and you may not use them commercially without contacting me first.
  • PLEASE leave me a way to contact you (for example, you say your username and what site you are on.)  
That's pretty much it on the rules!
These will be colored sketches~!  For example, here's all the ones I made from that toyhouse thread: Click here for the Stash Link (There ARe some WIP shots in there as well oops...>3>; )

!~These are for 3 Ko•fi donations~!
I know, I was surprised myself, but I believe I finished my TOS.  (It might be needing adjustments but I'll have to figure that out as I go.)


Please read the TOS.  It answers a lot.
Template Provided at the End of my TOS!

I'm only going to take like... one kind of commissions at the moment.  Mainly because I have no idea what you guys would like to commission from me?
And I know... like... half a year ago, people expressed interest in...
[ Me ] Holographic Dreaming by Dreamsverse [ Em ] Holographic Autumn by Dreamsverse
[ Youtubers ] Holographic Pinkstache by FandomKisses [ Youtubers ] Holographic Loud Green by FandomKisses

THESE HOLOGRAPHIC-Y Headshot "icons"

These will be 10$
You'll get a big size 1000x1000pixel, and a smaller size if you want to use them as an icon or something.  I don't recommend taking them any lower than 100x100pixel, however, if you're wanting to use it for a 50x50pixel icon, I'll do my best to try to make it work.  (If I can't get it to work well, I'll let you know.)
(If you want a size in between the 1000x1000pixel and the 100x100pixel, just let me know.  No problem /o/)

If you are wanting to add in an accessory (like in  [ Youtubers ] Holographic Loud Green by FandomKisses with Jack's little sepctic eye Sam) it will be an extra +3$

ALSO, the cool thing about these are....

You can get them animated too!  (For an extra +7$ /o/)
These will be, no bigger than 400x400pixel and no smaller than 100x100pixel.  (You will get both of these sizes.  If you want a size in between as well, just let me know.  No problem again/o/)
For example: 


Please note me if you're interested.
Also, it'd be a good idea if you have a color tone/range/warm or cool idea for your character to mention them.

EDIT://  I know all of my examples are of humans, but I can do anthros and ferals and whatever else there is too.

If you want other kinds of commission types, please feel free to grab a sample out of my gallery (from any of my accounts) and link it here saying you'd want to see it as an option.  (You may feel free to inquire about other kinds of commissions now if you'd like. )


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