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[ Commission ] Price Sheet [ OPEN ] by Dreamsverse [ Commission ] Price Sheet [ OPEN ] by Dreamsverse
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I've finished a big ole commissions price sheet.  
A couple things I didn't have room to explain on the sheet:
        - When I say "Waist Up", I mean in average it will be between mid thigh up to the waist.  It will depend on what the image will call for.
        - If there is anything in my gallery/galleries across my accounts: :icondreamsverse::iconfandomkisses::iconitwoi::icongoomama: that interests you and you don't know exactly where that stands on this price sheet, feel free to ask me about it/ask for a quote.
        - Prices can vary depending on the complexity and the simplicity of the character/order/etc.  (Which this is covered in my TOS)
        - Icons have a chance of not actually being able to be used as icons for deviantArt.   I cannot promise they will resize down to 50x50 well.  I do believe they will look good at 100x100 however.
        - These prices are for SFW only.

I will take Points :points: on the ratio of 100 :points: = 1$

In case the prices are hard to read (though they really shouldn't be at 100% viewing.)

Full Illustration
(Just to avoid confusion:  It's Full Render + Painted BG.  Not Including a Full Render as well)
       Full Body: 85$ (Extra Characters are +75$)
        Waist Up: 70$  (Extra Characters are +60$)

Full Render
        Full Body: 40$ (Extra Characters are +35$)
        Waist Up: 30$ (Extra Characters are +25$)

        Full Body: 7$ (Extra Characters are +6$)
        Waist Up: 5$ (Extra Characters are +4$)

        Full Body: 15$ (Extra Characters are +13$)
        Waist Up: 10$ (Extra Characters are +8$)

        Full Body: 20$ (Extra Characters are +18$)
        Waist Up: 16$ (Extra Characters are +14$)

Toony Chibi
        Full Body: 9$

Mini Pixels
        Full Body/Headshot: 5$
        * Neutral and free to use for everyone: 3$

Toony Icons
        Headshot: 8$
        Accessory: +3$

Holographic (Headshots)
        Headshot: 10$
        Accessory: +3$
        Animated: +7$

:new: All Explicit/Extreme NSFW (from Smut to Extreme Gore) is +25% of the original price. 
        - This offer is excluding on Toony Chibis, Mini Pixels, and Holographic (Headshots)
        - For Sexy times and Smut you MUST be 18 or older.  
        - Also for Sexy times, you might want to give me a reference if you have a specific idea.
        - Sexy times will NOT be uploaded onto dA.  As it is against the rules.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact me /o/

Please allow me at least two weeks to get your order fulfilled (and maybe longer for the Full Illustrations)

[ O R D E R  F O R M ]

Username/Name:  (I need to have this, and where you’re username is associated with (like with dA or FA for example)
Email Contact/Paypal Email: (Email contact isn’t as important if you are messaging me off of an artsite.  However, I DO need the paypal email or an email I can send an invoice to.)
Order Type: (What type of commission are you wanting.  If this is from a journal or a post and not from a commission sheet, please link me to my journal/post.)
Visual Reference: (I need a visual reference. Please keep the reference to just a few images if need be.)
Character Personality: (I don’t need a giant page worth on their personality.  A quick list and a paragraph or something is good. If I need to know anything else, I’ll ask you.  This just helps me keep them themselves the best I can.)
Important Character Traits: (Any important character physical traits that are absolutely important)
Description of what you’re thinking: (Description of what you’re wanting for your image.  This would be a good place to reference me to anything that might help me get across what you’re expecting.)
Other info?: (Anything else? For example: If there is any species information, here would be good for a link to that information.)
Read the TOS?:

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